The Bodossaki Foundation undertakes a series of initiatives mainly linked to the achievement of its strategic vision to enable human and social potential for a better life and to create equal opportunities for all. At the same time, the Foundation takes increased action to relieve socially vulnerable groups from the effects of the economic and financial crisis and thus to inspire a new perspective for the country.

Strengthening education and scientific research

Through annual scholarship programs and through its scientific awards, the Foundation helps young scientists to continue their studies, highlights the systematic effort and the ethos of Greek scientists as an example to all and seeks to link scientific research with the production sector, so that remarkable young Greek scientists will stay and offer their services in the country.

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Empowering civil society

As a result of its strategic objective to empower the Greek civil society, the Foundation systematically works towards strengthening the capacity of NGOs and active citizens groups. Through “Social Dynamo”, its latest initiative,  implemented in cooperation with the Municipality of Athens, the Bodossaki Foundation offers hospitality, mentoring and support services to civil society organizations and non-profit start-ups or informal groups which seek to go to the next stage of their organizational development.


Attracting funds and donations 

The Bodossaki Foundation aims to foster giving by creating a favorable context for people, companies and organizations who wish to give, to channel their donations and funds via the Foundation’s implementation and monitoring mechanisms, so that donors can enhance their effectiveness and social impact.

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