The website (acronym for Bodossaki Lectures on Demand) is the only site in Greece – and one of the few internationally – to focus exclusively on the promotion of lectures and other intellectual content. Launched in October 2011 at the initiative and expense of the Bodossaki Foundation, it is part of the Foundation’s primary objective of promoting education in Greece. It is a social non-profit service, which aims to disseminate knowledge and intelligent dialogue in our country through the use of modern technological tools.

This website  posts complete videos of speeches, lectures and events which cover a wide spectrum of themes. The content of the site is constantly being enriched with the valuable assistance of those who work for the dissemination of knowledge. The website aspires to become a true ‘hub’ of intellectual dialogue, open to all internet users who wish to expand their cognitive horizons.

In the 13 years of its online presence, the team at  have filmed and posted more than 4,000 lectures and other spoken events, involving more than 7,000 speakers. Lectures are categorized into 60 thematic categories and subcategories, while more than 500 scientific and cultural bodies have entrusted their content to .