In working to realise its vision of a society of equal opportunities, the Bodossaki Foundation has created the programme ‘Digital School for All’, which aims to contribute to the modernisation and upgrading of public education in Greece.

The first phase of the programme was based on the recognition that it is imperative to ensure equitable access to the new forms of education (digital and distance learning) for all school students in the country. The need for this became apparent during the Covid-19 crisis, as distance learning is not simply a temporary solution, but a new reality, which students and teachers alike must learn to integrate into their daily lives. Thus, the programme responds to the Ministry of Education’s invitation to support the country’s educational establishments with tablets. It aims to provide equal opportunities for development for students who have hitherto lacked the necessary technological equipment, giving them the chance to develop their digital skills over the longer term.

To maximise the programme’s social impact, the Foundation not only participates with its own funds, but has joined forces with third parties that have readily responded to its invitation.

For their contribution and notable social awareness, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Public-Media Markt (for offering 1000 tablets), Allianz, EYDAP (the Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company), Eurobank, MYTILINEOS, BCG, private donors who have supported the programme, as well as Mrs Arianne Kontellis for her donation, which will be used to provide technological equipment to schools on the island of Lesvos.

Together, we are offering a total of 3,574 tablets to state secondary schools in Greece, which will be distributed among students who need them.

Delivery of the tablets is organised by the Bodossaki Foundation; the recipient schools and students will be selected according to their identified needs at the suggestion of the Ministry of Education.

The next phase of the ‘Digital School for All’ programme will be implemented through the Bodossaki Foundation’s regular grant-making activities on behalf of the country’s schools, in order to further improve their digital capabilities.