Bodossakis, founder of the Bodossaki Foundation, recognized the value and potential of the Greek creative spirit. He made provision for the Foundation to award distinguished academics in recognition of their achievements. In 1993, in accordance with its founder’s wishes, the Bodossaki Foundation, established the “Awards of scientific excellence”. With these awards, the Foundation seeks to support the creative work of young Greek scientists up to 40 years of age, to reward their commitment and effort in the advancement of science and honor their moral dedication, as well as contribute to the promotion of exemplary paradigms for society.

Scientific prizes are awarded in the fields of science, applied science, social and economic sciences and bio-medical sciences. Candidates are normally nominated by universities, institutions or distinguished individuals.

Criteria of choice:

  • Outstanding achievements of the candidates in their given field and completion of their research
  • Their contribution to the cultural, scientific and economic development of Greece
  • Their contribution to the international promotion of Greece through their work and ethics

Scientific Awards 2019

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that the Bodossaki Foundation Scientific Prizes for 2019 (20,000 Euros for each field) are to be awarded to the following scientists :

Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology for his work in the field of Applied Science
(Computing Systems, Information Technology, Computer Science, Networks and Communications, Generation and Energy Management Systems, Robotics, Electronic Systems).

Associate Professor, University of Minnesota for his work in the field of Social-Economic Sciences
(Economic Science or Political Science or Law).

Associate Professor, Brown University for his work in the field of Social-Economic Sciences
(Economic Science or Political Science or Law).

Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh for his work in the field of Science (Chemistry).

Associate Professor, Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai for his work in the field of Life Sciences
(Biomedical Sciences).

Prize Committee Members 

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