The collaboration of the Bodossaki Foundation with the Trans-Adriatic Natural Gas Pipeline (TAP AG) announced on September 14, 2017, involves selecting, preparing, implementing and supervising social and environmental projects in the three regions of Northern Greece through which the Pipeline passes.

The collaboration between TAP and the Bodossaki Foundation forms part of an extensive Social and Environmental Investment Programme, with a total budget of €32 million, which TAP has voluntarily undertaken to implement in these regions.

The main purpose of these investments is to provide support for all the local communities impacted by the pipeline project. In selecting them, TAP has worked with local residents, the competent authorities and other local bodies – always with a focus on the essential merit and sustainability of each project.

The initiatives made possible by the collaboration of TAP and the Bodossaki Foundation are focused on projects which:

  • promote improvements in the quality of life of local communities along the pipeline route
  • raise the standard of living of the inhabitants of these areas
  • improve skills and capabilities through education and training
  • contribute to an improvement in environmental management, with an emphasis on preserving biodiversity


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The collaboration of Bodossaki Foundation with Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) AG concerns the identification, preparation, implementation and monitoring of social and environmental initiatives in Greece and, in particular, in the three regions...