For its internal management activities, Bodossaki Foundation has in place a Quality Management System (QMS) that has been certified in accordance with the requirements of the ELOT ISO 9001:2015 implementation standard.

In managing funding programmes and third-party grants, the Foundation relies on a set of procedures that enable it to ensure the following:

1. Optimal implementation of specific projects or proposals that have been successfully evaluated using transparent procedures based on specific terms and selection criteria.

2. Regular monitoring and evaluation of the projects’ progress and regular reporting to the donor organisations.

3. Maximisation of the projects’ impact (social, environmental or other).

The Foundation’s key project management mechanisms encompass the following:

Programme Management & Implementation Unit (PMIU): The Unit is involved in the day-to-day management of the programmes and in monitoring the progress of the individual projects. Detailed reporting to the donor organisations takes place at pre-agreed intervals during the implementation of each programme. The Foundation’s Programme Officers are responsible to the donor organisations for the progress of each programme and for monitoring its key performance and social impact indicators.

Support in the areas of financial management, legal services and communication and promotion is provided by the Foundation’s corresponding departments, in cooperation with the respective departments of the donor organisations.