The Bodossaki Foundation has developed a full management and control system in terms of its capacity to act as a Fund Operator of external funding or grants. This system aims at securing transparency, accountability and efficiency in our grants management approach, while making sure the maximum possible social impact is achieved.

Key Roles: 

Program Management and Implementation Unit (PMIU) : responsible for the management and implementation of the program; the PMIU typically comprises of a Program Manager and Program Officers.

Program Manager: responsible for the program’s feasibility and achievement of outcomes. He/she is typically responsible for monitoring & acknowledging performance of all team members and for the establishment and implementation of a performance management process. He/she provides coaching, mentoring, and assistance to team members as needed, identifies and resolves issues or problems and maintains direct contact with the donor (s) and grantee (s). A Deputy Program Manager will assist, if needed, the Program Manager on the day to day management of the program. The program manager reports to the Steering Committee.

Program Officers (POs): chosen on the basis of their area of expertise (depending on the requirements of the program), Program Officers are responsible for the preparation of calls, provision of technical support to grantees to submit proposals, collection, eligibility check and evaluation of project proposals and subsequent implementation of all projects, until their successful completion. They handle all day-to-day issues of the Program, responding to inquiries from a wide range of constituencies, conducting monitoring to grantees, communicating with grantees, reviewing the progress reports, drafting all necessary communications (memos to management, visit reports, rejection letters, project contracts modifications, extension letters, cancellation letters, etc.). POs report to the Program Manager.

Financial Support: provided by the financial department of the Bodossaki Foundation

Legal Support: provided by the legal department of the Bodossaki Foundation

Communications Support: in cooperation with the donor (s), the communications department of the Bodossaki Foundation makes sure all the necessary information for the communication and promotion of the Program and its achievements.