Legacy Funds can be support scholarships, named or memorial, enabling young people to realize their dreams while honouring the philanthropic vision of the legators.


Named scholarships are created by private legators wishing to offer young individuals the opportunity to pursue their desired studies.

Recent examplea are the ’Elisavet Fotinelli – Ioannis Dimitriou Kritikos Scholarships’ and the ’Savas Parastatidis’ Scholarship.

’Elisavet Fotinelli – Ioannis Dimitriou Kritikos Scholarships’created in 2023 thanks to the generous donation of Elisavet Fotinelli. These scholarships are awarded as part the Foundation’s annual regular Scholarships Programme and include at least two scholarships for postgraduate studies abroad, in the fields of Medicine and Biomedicine.

The ‘Elisavet Fotinelli – Ioannis Dimitriou Kritikos Scholarships’ are designed, administered, and monitored by the Bodossaki Foundation. The recipients of the scholarships are selected following a process that follows the criteria of the Foundation’s Regular Scholarships Programme, which since 1972 has granted over 2,600 scholarships in accordance with the Bodossaki Foundation’s core principles: transparency, accountability and integrity.

Additionally, the donation of Savvas Parastatidis, a computer engineer with a significant career in prominent companies, created the ‘Savas Parastatidis’ Scholarship that is able to support one Ph.D. student at the Department of Information and Electronic Engineering of the International Hellenic University, where the donor completed his studies.

Savvas Parastatidis has expressed the desire to support young scientists: ‘The time I spent at university opened up opportunities, which have now made it possible for me to give back, as best I can, and help the next generation of scientists’.


An example of a Memorial Scholarship is the ’Stamatis G. Mantzavinos’ Memorial Postdoctoral Scholarships Programme. Named in honour of the Bodossaki Foundation’s former president Stamatis Mantzavinos, the programme aims to promote scientific research by awarding scholarships to Greek PhD holders, enabling them to continue their research work in Greece or overseas. Since 2008, the Programme has helped realize the dreams of many young scientists, for the private donation of €5,000,000 established in memory of the Bodossaki Foundation’s former President supports young PhD holders in the fields of Natural Sciences, Medicine and Biology, in Greece or abroad.

If you are thinking about how you could make a donation of your own, the Foundation’s team of experts is on hand to guide you. The Bodossaki Foundation’s Philanthropy Advisor, Michalis Konstantinidis, [email protected], (+30) 210 010 7767, is available for an initial introductory discussion.