Legacy Funds are a gift to future generations, made in support of the Foundation’s charitable aims or causes with which the legators are associated.

The procedure for making a private grant is simple and flexible: a donation of any amount of capital suffices. Private donations of more than €50,000 can also be Named Funds, which bear the legator’s name.

Some of the Named Funds currently managed by the Bodossaki Foundation go to support both named and memorial scholarships or places that the legators loved and were associated with.

Some examples:

The donation of Antonis Gkouzelis, or the “Tony Julius Fund,” represents a contribution from a Greek of the diaspora who never forgot his homeland, Kyparissi in Laconia. The Tony Julius Fund, managed by the Myriad USA with the support of the Bodossaki Foundation. It has supported the revival of the village of Kyparissi, transforming its economy and improving the lives of its inhabitants.


Each legator has personal reasons for making a donation, but all share the same passion for the common good. Private legators often wish to:

  • Protect their own assets while simultaneously giving back to society.
  • Support (after providing financially for their loved ones) philanthropic causes such as the wellbeing of the place where they live, their hometown/birthplace, the university they attended or the hospital that cared for them or their loved ones.
  • Create an endowment which will put their estate to good use when they have no direct heirs.

If you are thinking about how you could make a donation of your own, the Foundation’s team of experts is on hand to guide you. The Bodossaki Foundation’s Philanthropy Advisor, Michalis Konstantinidis, [email protected], (+30) 210 010 7767, is available for an initial introductory discussion.