The Foundation is managed by a Board of Trustees, consisting of nine (9) members. Its first President, serving until his death in 1979, was Prodromos – Bodossakis Athanassiades. He was succeeded by Nikos Kogevinas, who served as President of the Board of Trustees until June 1991 and as honorary President until his death in 2006. Stamatis Matzavinos served as President from 1991 until his death in August 2007, and was succeeded by Dimitrios Vlastos, who served as President of the Bodossaki Foundation’s Board of Trustees until June 2021. Current President from June 2021 is Athina Dessypri.

According to the Foundation’s regulations, all members of the Board of Trustees must be selected from among persons having served as top management or senior executives of companies under the Foundation control in the past, persons currently serving as senior executives of the Foundation, recipients of a Bodossaki Scientific Award or Excellence Award or former holders of scholarship from the Bodossaki Foundation.

The current composition of the Board of Trustees is the following:

Athina Dessypri

Vice President
Theodoros Theodorou

Vassilis Antoniadis
Theodora Varvarigou
Pavlos Eleftheriadis
Georgios Kollias
Konstantinos Meghir
Dimitris Bertsimas
Kiriaki Hatzivasiliou

Honorary President
Dimitris Vlastos