A great believer in science and in the intrinsic value and potential of the Greek creative spirit, Prodromos-Bodossakis Athanassiades made provision, as part of the Foundation’s activities, for distinguished Greek academics to be recognised for their scientific achievements. In line with its founder’s wishes, in 1993 the Foundation established the ‘Bodossaki Distinguished Young Scientist Awards’.

With these awards, the Foundation acknowledges the creative work of young Greek scientists up to 40 years of age, rewards their commitment and continuous striving for scientific excellence, and honours them as role models for younger generations and for Greek society as a whole.

Awarded every two years, the Bodossaki Distinguished Young Scientist Awards have so far recognised 61 outstanding young Greek scientists who are leading scientific research worldwide.

The Awards cover the following academic fields:

  • Science
  • Life Sciences
  • Applied Science
  • Social – Economic Sciences

The criteria for selecting the recipients of Bodossaki Distinguished Young Scientist Awards are the candidates’ outstanding performance in their field of scientific expertise and the comprehensive nature of their research, as well as their contribution, through their work and ethics, to our country’s cultural, scientific and economic development and to Greece’s global visibility.

The main bodies involved in the selection process are (a) the Prize Committee and (b) the Selection Committees.

Candidates are nominated either by scientists in the candidate’s area of expertise who are of the same or a more senior level, or by the university or research institution in which they serve. At the next stage, the Selection Committees, which are each specifically established for each academic field in which a Prize is to be awarded, evaluate the nominations. Each Selection Committee submits its recommended candidates to the Prize Committee, which in turn recommends to the Foundation the shortlisted candidates to be awarded. The Prize Committee is responsible for drafting and submitting to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees its final recommendation. The Board of Trustees endorses the final recommendation of the Prize Committee and announces the recipients of the awards.

The Bodossaki Distinguished Young Scientist Awards are accompanied by a monetary prize of €20,000 per academic field.

For the invitation to applications for the Bodossaki Distinguished Young Scientist Awards 2025, see here.