Having treasured the value and potential of the Greek creative spirit, Prodromos-Bodossakis Athanassiades made provision for distinguished Greek academics to be recognized for their scientific achievements. In 1993, in accordance with its founder’s wishes, the Bodossaki Foundation, established the “Bodossaki Distinguished Young Scientist Awards”. Through these awards, the Foundation seeks to support the creative work of young Greek scientists up to 40 years of age; to reward their commitment and effort to excel in their scientific field, as well as their dedication to serve as role models for the younger generations and the Greek society as a whole.

From 1993 onwards, scientific prizes are awarded in the fields of science, applied science, social and economic sciences as well as bio-medical sciences. Candidates are normally nominated by universities, institutions or distinguished individuals.

Selection criteria are the outstanding achievements of the candidates in their given field and completion of their research, their contribution to the cultural, scientific and economic development of Greece and their contribution to the international promotion of Greece through their work and ethics. Candidates are proposed by universities, institutions or distinguished individuals and usually come from the following academic fields: (a) science, (b) bio-medical sciences, (c) applied science / technology, (d) social sciences.

The recipients of the awards accept to assist the Foundation in its activities, if requested to do so in the future, primarily by participating in scientific committees.

In 2021, the Foundation will sponsor a total of four (4) awards, each carrying a prize of twenty thousand (20,000) euros, in the fields of science, bio-medical sciences, applied sciences and social sciences.


Bodossaki Foundation announced the six scientists awarded with the Distinguished Young Scientific Award for 2021, in recognition of their creative and integrated scientific work.

The six winners for 2021 have been distinguished for their outstanding contribution in the following academic fields: Science, Life Sciences, Applied Science and Social-Economic Sciences. The award ceremony of Bodossaki Distinguished Young Scientist Awards is expected to take place around the end of the year. You may learn more details here.

Prize Committee Members and past years’ Award Recipients

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