The grant-making activities of the Bodossaki Foundation further its vision of a society of equal opportunities and prospects for all, structured in line with the Foundation’s four strategic action pillars:

    • Promoting Education
    • Improving Healthcare
    • Empowering Civil Society
    • Protecting the Environment


The Foundation accepts applications for grants from public-law entities and private-law non-profit entities for the following two programmes:

  • The ’Open Grants Programme’, which accepts applications throughout the year submitted by public entities and non-profit organisations, who must use the Foundation’s customised online platform. Priority is given to applications with a budget of up to €5,000. Details about the procedure for the submission & evaluation of grant applications are available here. Specifically, this year the Bodossaki Foundation’s support for schools will be provided through the “Experience Science” programme. The ’Open Grants Programme’ will not accept applications from schools, and the relevant section on the platform has been removed. The programme “Experience Science” was created on the initiative of the Foundation to address the critical lack of necessary and modern laboratory teaching equipment for most public schools and is implemented in cooperation with the Panhellenic Association of Heads of Natural Science Centres (PANEKFE), which is responsible for identifying and assessing these needs.
  • The ‘Thematic Grants Programme’ is launching thematic calls for funding to address social needs which have been identified as priority action areas for the coming year. In the year 2024, based on the findings of the Foundation’s latest social needs assessment, the available budget of €250,000 will be devoted to offering grants of up to €50.000 each, as part of the open call for thematic proposals in the following priority areas:
    • Education & Enviroment: Supporting initiatives promoting environmental education and the green transition in schools.
    • Healthcare: Support initiatives related to primary health prevention

    The full text of the call can be found here and the funding application here. For more information about the application process, the evaluation criteria and the selection and scoring process, please refer to the ‘Terms and Conditions’ form.