As it responds to the great social needs of the present time, and with the wellbeing of people as its primary focus, the Bodossaki Foundation is developing a more far-reaching role than that of a funding organization. Acting as a catalyst that fosters a broader culture of contribution in Greek society, it is managing the resources of third parties – international institutions, corporations, legators, and other major donors – who wish to fund programmes with significant social impact that address critical needs in education, healthcare, the strengthening of Civil Society, and the protection of the environment.

In line with its desire to promote greater social contribution, the Bodossaki Foundation is making available to corporate partners, for the benefit of wider society, the know-how and expertise it has gained from its three distinct roles of donor, grant manager and NGO hub.

  • As a donor, the Foundation has since its establishment allocated over €450 million to achieve its objectives.
  • As a grant manager, the Foundation has undertaken the management in Greece of the subsidies from the ‘Active Citizens Fund’ and ‘We are all Citizens’ programmes, totalling €22.84 million of EEA Grants.
  • As an NGO Hub, the Bodossaki Foundation’s Social Dynamo initiative has hosted and supported capacity building activities for 1,466  Civil Society organisations and more than 12,704 representatives of organisations and institutions.

In this capacity, the Foundation works with:

  • Corporate partners: Recognising the great needs present in society, the Foundation is acting as a channel for donations, working with businesses with a longstanding and significant commitment to social contribution to create corporate social responsibility programmes with a strong social impact.
  • Institutions committed to managing funding which has been made available to Greece (re-granting).
  • Other Foundations wishing to finance significant social programmes in Greece.
  • Individual donors: The Foundation makes available to individual major donors its experience and expertise, the mechanisms it has in place and the skills of its employees. In this expanded mission, the Foundation has benefitted from the generous assistance of private Greek individuals who have chosen to support causes that are close to their hearts.

At the Bodossaki Foundation, we deeply believe that the present times call for collaborations and partnerships that focus on people, and we are committed to joining forces with partners determined to promote social contribution, working for the greatest common good.