Since time immemorial individual philanthropists have performed a valuable role; this is no less true in our present age of complex social needs.

The Bodossaki Foundation seeks to give private individuals the opportunity to support wider society in a meaningful way. In order to achieve this objective, the Bodossaki Foundation also accepts donations from individuals, which it manages for the benefit of Greek society, in its capacity as a modern, qualified organisation.

If you are thinking about how you could make a donation of your own, the Foundation’s team of experts is on hand to guide you. The Bodossaki Foundation’s Philanthropy Advisor, Michalis Konstantinidis, [email protected], (+30) 210 010 7767, is available for an initial introductory discussion.

The process of making a private donation is both straightforward and flexible, as private grants can be made by donating capital of any amount. If you decide to make a donation through the Bodossaki Foundation the stages of our partnership will be as follows:


With the help of the Bodossaki Foundation’s team of experts, the causes that the donor wishes to support are identified and ranked in order of priority in consultation with the donor:

  • Private donors are free to support the public benefit goals of the Bodossaki Foundation or any other causes which are important to them
  • Private donors can choose whether their donation will be named, meaning it will bear their name (if the donation amount is more than €50,000), or if they prefer to remain anonymous
  • Private donors can choose whether their donation will last in perpetuity (if the amount of the donation is more than €500,000) or whether it will be used in full within a certain number of years


The Bodossaki Foundation gives individual donors the opportunity to see their philanthropic vision realised in programmes which employ strategic planning and objective advice in order to make the most of the resources available. The Foundation designs specially-tailored philanthropic programmes on behalf of individual donors, putting its experience and expertise and the skills of its team of experts at their disposal.

Through the Bodossaki Foundation, individual donors have the opportunity to see their philanthropic vision realised into programme with significant social impact.

In addition to its own programmes, the Foundation offers its expertise and the skills of its team to individual donors, helping them design specially-tailored programmes that leverage available resources through strategic planning and impartial consulting support.

After determining the purpose to be supported, the duration and amount of the donation, the Bodossaki Foundation team designs a philanthropic programme proposal that best serves the donor’s vision. This proposal is presented comprehensively to the donor, including individual actions, anticipated outcomes, implementing organizations, timeline, and mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating programme implementation.


For the implementation of philanthropic programmes, the Foundation makes use of its certified management mechanisms and mobilises its wide network of strategic partners, including Civil Society organisations, government agencies, the Greek scientific community and other institutions.

The management of the donated assets is guided by the Investment Committee, respecting the potential wishes of the donor.