The Bodossaki Foundation helps NGOs, schools, research centres as well as hospitals around the country meet their current needs through its grantmaking schemes. All grants awarded are linked to the Foundation’s strategic objectives and support its vision for a society of equal opportunities for everyone.

Promoting education

Education is a strategic pillar of the Foundation and a key legacy of its founder. Through its donations, the Foundation continuously supports the education sector and works to secure equal opportunities for young students and scientists and to promote excellence and scientific ethos as key values for our society.

Empowering civil society

The Foundation aims to contribute to the development of a strong and independent civil society and the creation of an appropriate institutional framework for its operation.

An active, healthy, dynamic civil society can complement the state, providing services in critical areas such as health and welfare, where needs are increased and the ability of the state to respond to them is very limited.

In broader terms, an active, healthy, vibrant civil society contributes to improving the daily lives of all citizens, to promoting human rights and  democratic values, making governments accountable and obliging them to produce better results and improved policies for the society as a whole.

Between 2013 – 2017, the Foundation acted as the Fund Operator of the EEA Grants Greek NGO Programme “We are all Citizens”. Through a contribution of 7.3m Euros by Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, Bodossaki has supported the implementation of  75 projects throughout Greece and has directly improved the lives of more than 245,000 people around us.

See more about this programme here

The “We are all Citizens” programme left a great legacy in strengthening civil society, which the Foundation continues to support through ts civil society hub called “Social Dynamo”. Social Dynamo seeks to develop organizational skills of NGOs and active citizens groups, transferring knowledge and creating opportunities for networking.

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By continuing to build on the strengthening of civil society, Bodossaki Foundation, in a consortium with SolidarityNow, has won a new bid to act as Fund Operator of the EEA Grants Active Citizens Fund for Greece, for the period 2014 – 2021.

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Equal opportunities in health

The Foundation supports vulnerable groups to access medical and social welfare services and upgrades equipment and health services provided by public hospitals. In addition, the Foundation channels donations towards scientific research in the health sector.

Through its programme “Combatting Poverty and Social Exclusion”, which the Foundation has implemented since the beginning of the economic crisis in Greece, people coming from socially vulnerable groups can increasingly gain access to welfare services and claim their integration to the society, which is their basic human right.

Protecting the environment 

The Bodossaki Foundation was one of the first charities in Greece to turn their attention to environmental protection.

Providing grants for environmental issues and supporting environmental education programs are some of the ways in which the Foundation contributes to environmental protection and sustainable development.