Bodossaki Foundation’s Social Dynamo is the expression of the Foundation’s vision of a dynamic Civil Society that acts, influences and engages. It is an award-winning initiative for Civil Society capacity building in Greece, offering comprehensive support to Civil Society actors, with a focus on learning, professional support and networking.

Just as a dynamo accumulates and transforms energy, so Social Dynamo aims to build and develop the skills of Civil Society organisations, by transferring to them know-how and providing them with opportunities for collaboration and networking.

The services of Social Dynamo are accessible throughout Greece, through the participation of interested actors in the targeted activities organised, as well as online. The Municipality of Athens and the Municipality of Thessaloniki are the strategic partners of the initiative for its activities within them. In Athens, Social Dynamo is hosted at the Serafio, the modern Sports, Culture and Innovation hub of the Municipality of Athens, which houses our activities and offers a co-working space for use by the hosted organisations. In Thessaloniki, the regular schedule of Social Dynamo activities is hosted at the city’s Town Hall.

Social Dynamo is also supported by a network of partners such as the Hellenic Centre of Volunteer Managers (HCVM) and the Hellenic Coaching Association (HCA), along with over 50 volunteer mentors and coaches from the private sector, NGOs and the academic community.

In the few years during which it has been in operation, Social Dynamo has welcomed over 6.900 representatives of civil society organisations and actors in its events, and has hosted 1.069 organisations in its hub. In total, Social Dynamo has organised 141 training activities, while an extensive network of mentors and partners has volunteered over 1.100 hours of mentoring and coaching, working closely with civil society organisations and actors, and 60 new jobs have been created by organisations hosted by Social Dynamo.

To find out more about Social Dynamo, its network and its activities, you can visit the initiative’s website via the following link .