Bodossaki Foundation joins forces with Eurolife FFH to support the work and the students of the Silver & Gold Smithery Public Vocational Training  Institute (DIEK) of Stemnitsa.

Located in the mountainous region of Arcadia in central Peloponnese, Stemnitsa is an area in which the art of silver & goldsmithing was particularly developed in contemporary Greece. Since the 1970s, it is also home to the Silver & Gold Smithery School, which today houses the DIEK, whose graduates are excellent craftsmen who keep alive the area’s great tradition. The aim of the programme is to revive Stemnitsa as a silver & gold smithery centre and to support technical education, by providing quality vocational training and job opportunities to individuals wishing to professionally engage in this craft.

More specifically, the grant consists in the following:

  • Provision of equipment for the School, such as tools, raw materials, computers, special drawing boards, as well as specialized equipment that will allow the jewellery to be digitally designed and will also produce prints of large designs and 3D designs.
  • Organisation of annual seminars on specialised techniques employed in the sector.
  • Additional hours of practical training for students on a weekly basis throughout the academic year.
  • Creation of a new website for the School.
  • Participation of the School in jewellery exhibitions in Greece.
  • Supporting the School’s students by offering to them personal monthly vouchers for use in local stores, thus also strengthening the local economy.