In many European countries much progress still has to be made before gender equality is achieved. For this reason the Alliance for Gender Equality in Europe (AGEE) network has been created, at the initiative of Fondation Chanel and under the auspices of the Network of European Foundations (NEF) based in Brussels.

Chaired by Fondation Chanel, the present members are King Baudouin of Belgium, L’Oréal Fund for Women, Bodossaki Foundation, Fondation de France, Fondation RAJA-Danièle Marcovici and JP Morgan. It is a network of European organizations (and Foundations) promoting gender equality in Europe, which offers important opportunities for funding, training, networking and collaboration between important philanthropic bodies, such as the European Charitable Foundations, Civil Society Organizations, experts, etc.

Aware that for yet another year Greece has occupied last place in the EU Gender Equality Index, the Bodossaki Foundation is contributing to the network for each of the years 2022-2023-2024, with the aim of subsidising CSOs to carry out projects promoting gender equality exclusively in Greece.

The goals of the network are summarised in the following three main points:

(a) to provide financial support and capacity building for gender equality organizations across Europe working with people living in precarious circumstances

(b) to build partnerships with donors (and between donors and grantee organizations) helping to improve education around gender equality

(c) to mobilise the philanthropic community to support gender equality in Europe.

Funding received from participating agencies is made available to CSOs across Europe through open calls to submit proposals. The objective is to promote effective and sustainable solutions for the economic empowerment of marginalised women, transgender people, non-binary people and people who do not fit into the gender dipole, through donations of €60,000 – €150,000 to small and medium-sized frontline organizations based and operating in different European countries, including Greece.

Τhe announcement with the 26 funded organizations of the Civil Society from Europe, which will receive a total of €3,470,000 for the implementation of their projects, can be found here.

The participation of the Bodossaki Foundation in the network enabled the submission of nominations from Greece. Among the selected organizations is the greek NGO Women On Top, which will create the Women Work Hub, the first female focused working, learning and advocacy hub with on-site childcare in Greece.

Additionally, the MedFemiNiswiya.Network, οne of the funded organizations, includes Greece among the beneficiary countries, as it will provide a space for women who are journalist a space to diversify and/or strengthen their professional capacities while at the same time covering women’s rights issues.