Excellence Award Committee

The Excellence Award Committee is the key advisory body supporting the functioning of the Bodossaki Excellence Award institution.

The main tasks of the Excellence Award Committee include the submission to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees of a recommendation on the active fields of each cycle of Excellence Awards; the preparation of the respective draft call, for approval by the Board of Trustees; the sending of invitations for the submission of nominations; the receiving of such nominations; the establishment of the Selection Committees; the evaluation of the nominated candidates; and the submission to the Board of Trustees of recommendations regarding the persons to be awarded.

The Committee is composed of ten members, of which eight come from the academic community (at least two for each scientific discipline) and two from the Foundation’s Board of Trustees –namely, the President and the Vice President– as ex officio members of the Committee.

The Committee’s academic members should be foreign (non-Greek) professors at universities abroad or foreign researchers at large research centres, active in one or more of the four fields of the Excellence Awards (Physical Sciences and Mathematics, Technological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Social Sciences).

The Committee shall have four of its academic members, one from each of the above four scientific fields, appointed as co-chairs. The appointment of co-chairs is decided by the Board of Trustees, after the Committee has delivered an opinion. Each Excellence Award cycle shall be co-chaired by two co-chairs, one from each active field of the cycle.

Selection Committees

The Excellence Award Committee may decide to form three-member Selection Committees, one for each active field, to investigate and evaluate the submitted nominations. Those Section Committees are composed of specialized scientists (referees) of international standing.

The opinions of the Selection Committees are submitted for evaluation to the Excellence Award Committee, which in turn submits its proposals to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

The recipients of the Excellence Award are decided and announced by resolution of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, based on the proposals of the Excellence Award Committee.