One cent can make a difference: Wise Greece receives “Innovative Fundraising in Greece Award”

Wise Greece, a non-profit organisation that works as a social enterprise, is the winner of the “Innovative Fundraising in Greece Award”, for the ‘0.01 Cent Makes a Difference’ fundraising project. The prize is a two-day trip to the UK for two of Wise Greece’s representatives, in order to meet leading international fundraising experts and to gain inspiration and advice on further developing their fundraising activities and strategy.

More about the winner:
Wise Greece is a non-profit organization that works as a social enterprise with the double mission of promoting top quality Greek products and raising money to buy food to donate to people in need.

The ‘0.01 Cent Makes a Difference’ project inspires companies or institutions to support Wise Greece’s cause by donating just one cent each time they make a transaction. The project was launched at the end of 2016, with a partnership with ELTA Courier, which donated one cent for each package that they delivered for one month, raising funds to buy essential food products for three non-profit organisations. This initiative has a double impact, since the produce was bought from small producers all over Greece, thus also supporting them and their families.

The project has been implemented for a second time in partnership with Domino’s pizza, which has donated one cent for every pizza order during September and October 2017. Wise Greece also have plans to expand the initiative in partnership with more companies in 2018.

The award judges commended the excellent ‘multiplier effect’ of the project’s model, which maximises social impact at many levels, also noting that the initiative sends an inspiring message across society that it is possible to make a difference.

Accepting the Award on behalf of Wise Greece, founder Melini Taprantzi stated: “We are delighted and honoured that Wise Greece and the “0.01 makes a difference” project have been chosen for the Innovative Fundraising in Greece Award. We are confident that with this significant award we will be given the opportunity to be inspired by the fundraising taking place in the UK and return with our bags packed with fresh ideas!”

More about the Award:

The Innovative Fundraising in Greece Award is organised by the Bodossaki Foundation, via Social Dynamo, in partnership with the British Embassy in Athens and the British Council, and with the support of the Vodafone Foundation. The award aims to recognise and promote innovation in fundraising in the third sector in Greece.

Entries to the award were invited through an open call, and were judged by an independent panel of experts including Dr. Beth Breeze, Director, Centre for Philanthropy, University of Kent, Geof Cox, Director, Social Enterprise Europe and Marisol Grandon, Founder & CEO, Unfold Stories. The panel judged the entries judged according to the following criteria:

– the impact of the fundraising activity in terms of how has it supported the activities of the organisation
– the extent to which the fundraising activity/activities is innovative for the organisation
– the extent to which the fundraising activity/activities is innovative for the wider third sector in Greece.