The programme “Preventing gender-based violence and violence against children” (PREVENT) aims to prevent and combat gender-based violence (GBV) and violence against children, by supporting Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) active in these fields, in Greece and Cyprus, and by increasing their knowledge, capacity and sustainability. PREVENT is co-funded by the European Union (90% funding rate), through the Citizens, Equality, Rights, and Values (CERV*) 2023-DAPHNE programme, and by the Bodossaki Foundation and NGO Support Centre (10% funding rate), with the total grant amounting to €2.3 million.

PREVENT is coordinated by the Bodossaki Foundation (Greece) in consortium with the NGO Support Centre (Cyprus).

During the 3 years of its implementation, running from February 2024 to January 2027, PREVENT will launch an open call for funding for projects that prevent and combat either GBV or violence against children, making available €1.61 million in grants to civil society and seeking to fund approximately 28 projects in Greece and 9 in Cyprus. The call aims to provide financial support to CSOs to implement activities including the development of approaches, tools or systems to prevent all forms of GBV or violence against children, the provision of gender-sensitive and/or child-friendly support services to victims of violence, the implementation of research, advocacy, watchdog and monitoring activities, and the implementation of awareness-raising and training activities to combat GBV and violence against children and tackle gender stereotypes. The main beneficiaries of the programme, through the CSO funding, will be victims and witnesses of gender-based violence in Greece and Cyprus (especially women and girls), victims and witnesses of violence against children in Greece and Cyprus, frontline professionals and CSOs in Greece and Cyprus. The programme will also benefit policy makers, at national and European level, the media, the general public and the national authorities.

PREVENT will also provide an integrated capacity building programme and professional support services, tailored to the needs of CSOs in Greece and Cyprus, to promote their organisational development and sustainability.

The launch event for the programme in Greece took place on 5th June 2024 and you can watch it here.

*The Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) programme was launched in 2021 under the Justice, Rights and Values Fund of the European Union, for the period 2021-2027.

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