THI announces a grant of $14,500 in support of “Thought for Food”

The Hellenic Initiative – THI announces a grant of $14,500 to the Bodossaki Foundation program “Thought for Food”. The grant will support the efforts of the foundation in creating the conditions for the development and growth of the Hellenic agricultural sector, by promoting innovation, optimizing the agro-industry value chain and enhancing its infrastructure. The program aims to improve the management of agricultural productions which has historically represented the backbone of the Greek economy.

The funding of THI will assist the program in fulfilling its primary components, namely, training of farmers, small businesses and cooperatives and on-site counseling to production units, implemented by the “American Farm School.” Additionally, it is the program’s intent to conduct biotechnological research to capture and highlight the unique biochemical characteristics of Greek products conducted by the “Center for Research and Technology Hellas.”

Find out more about “Thought for Food” through  this informative brochure