Young Women Empowerment through Financial Literacy – WE FIN

Call: Enhancing awareness & understanding of EU rights and values
Project Duration: 8 months
Budget: 29.673,24€
Country: Greece
Location: Thessaly
The project’s objective is to acquaint citizens with the core values of the EU, particularly focusing on the Charter of Fundamental Rights. Emphasis will be placed on key rights such as gender equality, human dignity, freedom and security, and education. A special focus will be on promoting financial literacy among young women as a means to foster equality, independence, freedom, self-respect, and dignity, contributing to their overall well-being, including mental and physical health.
At the same time, the project aims to enhance cooperation, networking, and synergies among NGOs. Through widespread dissemination and continued cultivation of its outcomes, the project seeks to engage citizens actively in initiatives that elevate their awareness of the fundamental rights and values of the EU.
Target Groups:
a) Young women aged 19-30 living in the Thessaly Region,
b) The general public, and
c) Organizations, associations, clubs, and other entities

Funded by the European Union. 
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