Rights in Action: protection and promotion of patients’ rights in Greece

Call: Protecting and Promoting EU rights and values
Project Duration: 12 months
Budget: 59.952,57€
Country: Greece
Location: National level

The project aims to protect and promote patients’ rights as an integral and crucial component of the rights and values of the European Union. While addressing challenges arising from the circumvention of patients’ rights in practice, the project recognizes that knowledge and understanding of these rights are powerful tools for monitoring and protection. However, awareness alone is insufficient. It is essential to monitor deficiencies and abuses of rights in patients’ daily lives to advocate for and safeguard these rights effectively. The project envisions broad involvement of social partners, ranging from vulnerable groups to political leadership at the regional and national levels.

Target Groups:

The beneficiaries of the project include vulnerable patient groups such as the uninsured, the poor, geographically remote individuals, as well as other vulnerable groups like the elderly, women, and immigrants. Additionally, the project targets patient advocacy organizations, entities responsible for designing local health strategies and implementing health policies (Regions, Municipalities, Regional Health Authorities), and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) dealing with health policy issues at both local (Regional Health Authorities) and national levels (Ministries, relevant committees, Parliament).

Funded by the European Union. 
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