Participatory Tools for Rule of Law in Cyprus

Grantee: Oxygono
Call: Protecting and Promoting EU rights and values
Project Duration: 12 months
Budget: 52.592,45€
Country: Cyprus
Location: National level

The project aims to strengthen and implement legislative provisions that support the participation of CSOs, citizens, and the wider public in decision-making processes. It also seeks to provide platforms and participatory tools for monitoring the activities of the House of Representatives and for the creation of citizen initiatives with the ability to co-sign initiatives by natural persons. The project includes activities such as education and training for CSOs in the process of lobbying, advocacy activities for the reform and/or enactment and/or proper implementation of legislation and provisions concerning society’s participation in decision-making and direct access to information, consultation and submission of reports to the European Commission regarding the implementation of the Rule of Law in Cyprus, as well as parliamentary oversight and providing direct and impartial information about the activities of the House of Representatives.

Target groups:

The main target groups are CSOs and the citizens of the Republic of Cyprus. Other target groups are decision-makers and journalists practising political journalism.

Funded by the European Union. 
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