Observatory for Violence Against Women in Crete – WOMEN’S WATCH

Call: Protecting and Promoting EU rights and values
Project Duration: 12 months
Budget: 50.951,30€
Country: Greece
Location: Crete

The project aims to establish the groundwork for systematic monitoring and enhancement of the regional response to violence against women in Crete. This will be realized through the establishment of the Regional Observatory on Violence against Women, which will inform targeted advocacy interventions directed at key actors within the system. Drawing on valuable expertise from the National Observatory on Violence against Women in Ireland, the establishment of the Regional Observatory contributes to the transfer of good practices and experiences, fostering cooperation between the two EU countries.

Targets groups:

The target groups of the project consist of stakeholders, including professionals, involved in the issue at the regional level. This includes law enforcement agencies, prosecutorial authorities, social services, counseling centers, and civil society organizations engaged in supporting victims and managing survivors.

Funded by the European Union. 
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