Europe at the Grassroots

Call: Enhancing awareness & understanding of EU rights and values
Project Duration: 12 months
Budget: 59.996,71€
Country: Greece
Location: Municipalities of Northern Greece (Municipality of Kozani, Voio, Pella, Katerini, and Neapolis-Sikeon)

The aim of the project is to enhance awareness and understanding of the values of the European Union among local youth in Northern Greece. The necessity of the proposed project stems from the challenges faced by the young population of Northern Greece, such as a lack of access to information about the EU and European issues. The project also aims to leverage the opportunities offered through the active participation of young people in democratic processes and the strengthening of cooperation between them and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).

Target groups:

a) Members of the Regional Youth Council: Young people aged 18-30 actively involved in promoting the values and rights of the EU

b) Citizens

c) Civil Society Organizations

Funded by the European Union. 
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