The Bodossaki Foundation and A.G. Leventis Foundation implemented the programme ‘Innovation Forward’, which was launched at by the Bodossaki Foundation in cooperation with Athroa Innovations. It aims to support and finance protection of the intellectual property rights of researchers residing in Greece through strong international patents with a view to their commercial and industrial exploitation.

‘Innovation Forward’ has since evolved from a programme for the protection of the copyright of inventors and the registration of related patents, supported by the two Foundations from 2018, in cooperation with other public benefit Foundations. The programme’s ultimate goal is to improve the competitiveness of the national economy through the support and financing of innovations arising out of research and the promotion of innovative products, solutions or services in Greek and international markets.

The programme aims to provide technical and financial support to inventors – from the early stages of filing relevant applications until the patent is finalised – protect intellectual property in Greece, the EU and globally, and promote its commercial exploitation through the development of marketable products and services, as well as by attracting industrial clients for these products and services.

In line with their commitment to supporting creative scientific work, the two Foundations will assist inventors registering international patents to meeting the cost of maintaining these patents for two years. Athroa Innovations will manage, on behalf of inventors, the modalities involved in securing their intellectual property rights, and will fully support them in their subsequent commercial exploitation.