Project Promoter: Greek Association of Academic Women (ELEGYP)

The UNI-GENDER-MAP project aims to collect, process and evaluate data from the ‘gender map’ of all 24 Universities and Higher Educational Institutes in Greece, as outlined in the recent Gender Equality Action Plans.

More specifically, the primary objectives of the project include:

(a) Establishing a comprehensive database containing the aggregated data of gender distribution in Greek Universities.

(b) Producing an assessment report of the aggregated gender map, analysing the different areas and characteristics of the gender gap.

(c) Developing a list of best practices for gender equality and the promotion of women in European Union universities in all areas referenced in the Gender Map (decision-making centres, academic hierarchy, administrative staff, etc.).

These activities are particularly useful and important in the context of recent European Union guidelines for the participation of universities and research institutions in research funding (Horizon Europe).