Legacy Funds are a special way of making a final gift to future generations, ensuring continued support – for a specific period of time or in perpetuity – of causes that have an important place in the donors’ hearts.

Major donations over €500,000 are structured in a manner similar to that of Named Donations.

Major donations can be transformed into named scholarships, through which young people can realise their dreams while honouring the memory and philanthropic vision of the donor.

One example of a memorial scholarship is the Postdoctoral Research Scholarship Programme in memory of Stamatis G. Mantzavinos.

Since 2008 the large donation made in memory of Stamatis Mantzavinos, former president of the Bodossaki Foundation, has funded the Postdoctoral Research Scholarship Programme, supporting new PhDs in the fields of science, medicine and biology, at home or overseas.

With the aim of honouring Stamatis G. Mantzavinos, who gave exemplary service to philanthropic causes during his long term as President of the Bodossaki Foundation, the programme seeks to promote scientific research by providing scholarships for Greek PhDs from foreign universities to conduct research in Greece, and for PhDs who obtained a doctorate in Greece to continue with a postdoctoral thesis abroad.

The financing of this programme is covered by the income earned from the investment of a €5,000,000 donation given in memory of Stamatis G. Mantzavinos by the DANAVAS Foundation.