Social Dynamo ready to welcome new organisations and citizens groups

The closing date for the submission of applications for the 5th round of the Hosting & Empowerment programme is 13 September 2019. Applications can be submitted here.

Athens, 2 September 2019

Social Dynamo, the award-winning initiative of Bodossaki Foundation and the City of Athens Municipality for civil society capacity building, is ready to welcome new organisations and citizens groups. The open call to NGOs and informal citizens groups interested in submitting applications for participation in the 5th round of Social Dynamo’s Hosting & Empowerment programme ends on 13 September 2019. This time, the focus will be on hosting groups active in work related to the migration / refugee issue. A total of 15 groups will be hosted and the open call for the submission of applications (in Greek) is available here.

Hosting & Empowerment programme

The Hosting & Empowerment programme aims to support capacity building for civil society organisations and groups, so that they can become more effective and viable. As a dynamic incubator of organisations and citizens groups, Social Dynamo offers to every group that is included in the programme, comprehensive professional support for six months, provided completely free of charge and covering the following:

  • Support by expert professionals functioning as mentors for the hosted teams and coming from organisations such as the Hellenic Volunteer Managers Centre (KEMEL), public benefit foundations and successful NGOs.
  • Consulting by specialist professionals and coaching services based on each group’s needs, provided under the Solidarity Coaching programme of the Hellenic Coaching Association.
  • Training through seminars and workshops in subjects such as the management of human resources including volunteers, the financial viability of organisations and best practices in marketing, communication and fundraising.
  • Networking events that help establish partnerships and broader synergies.

All hosted groups are given access to Social Dynamo’s co-working space located in Seratio, a modern culture, sports and education hub operated by the City of Athens Municipality and offering a unique meeting point for actions and initiatives of active citizens and civil society organisations and groups.

At the end of the programme’s round, Bodossaki Foundation will present a small monetary prize to the group that will distinguish itself, as a means to further strengthen capacity building for its members.


Social Dynamo’s contribution to civil society

In addition to the Hosting & Empowerment programme, Social Dynamo’s doors are open to all civil society organisations implementing public benefit activities. In its two years of operation, Social Dynamo has welcomed more than 430 organisations and civil society entities in its events, while 54 groups have been hosted in its co-working space. NOSILIA and KYMA Project are two such examples. NOSILIA organisation provides free medical treatment at home and health services to patients who need them and has garnered many awards in competitions such as Healthcare Business Awards and the Voluntary Action 2017 Volunteering Festival. KYMA Project is an inclusive dance platform that promotes accessibility and social integration for people with disabilities. In July 2019, KYMA Project won Social Dynamo’s first prize.

Overall, 122 training workshops have been organised at Social Dynamo, while an extensive network of mentors and partners has volunteered more than 752 mentoring hours, working closely with the hosted organisations and focusing exclusively on their needs.

Information for organisations / groups

Organisations / groups interested in joining the 5th round of the Hosting & Empowerment programme may contact Social Dynamo in one of the following ways:

E: [email protected] | T: 210-3428087 | W: