Bodossaki Foundation’s comes to the home: a unique, freely accessible online library of lectures

Now that we are all staying home, the arts, philosophy, history, neurosciences, architecture and 32 other thematic categories can become more accessible by visiting Bodossaki Foundation’s BLOD (Bodossaki Lectures on Demand) records on video and posts selected lectures covering the entire spectrum of Greek scientific and intellectual life, in a unique online library that is freely accessible and constantly enriched with new content.

Choose from 37 thematic categories, 5,000 topics and nearly 6,000 speakers, to offer yourself some quality time at home, with new ideas and insights from key speakers. You can watch the lecture videos on your computer monitor, tablet or mobile phone, choosing the time that best suits your daily schedule and feeling as though you were present at the corresponding event.

From among the 6,000 BLOD speakers, you can meet and listen to leading Greeks from the fields of science, art and ideas, such as – to name but a few – award-winning MIT Professor Konstantinos Daskalakis, distinguished history professor Maria Efthimiou, international violinist and conductor Leonidas Kavakos, architect and member of the Academy of Athens Manolis Korres, famous astrophysicist Stamatis Krimizis, leading theoretical physicist Dimitris Nanopoulos, as well as our beloved Kiki Dimoula and Alki Zei, both of whom passed away recently. Moreover, on BLOD you can also get to know, by watching them and listening to their speeches, major international figures such as Nobel laureates James Cronin, David Gross and Orhan Pamuk, famous writers Antonio Tabucchi, Pascal Bruckner, Paul Auster, Andrés Neuman and Victoria Hislop, philosophers Étienne Balibar and Alain Badiou, stage director Peter Stein, visual artist Marina Abramović, and many others. Browse while you stay home and make choices to match your interests in a unique “hub” of intellectual dialogue, open to all internet users who wish to expand their cognitive horizons.

The BLOD website is the only site in Greece – and one of the few ones globally – to focus exclusively on the promotion of lectures and intellectual content. It was established in October 2011 as an initiative of Bodossaki Foundation, which also covered the relevant costs, and is part of the Foundation’s primary objective of promoting education in Greece. In the nine years of BLOD’s online presence, thousands of hours of lectures have been recorded, which otherwise would not have survived. It is a social non-profit service – as are all the Foundation’s services – whose aim is to disseminate knowledge and intellectual debate in our country, by making use of modern technology tools.