WWF environmental education programme on the prevention of forest fires

Most forest fires have anthropogenic causes and the majority of them are due to human negligence. It is crucial, therefore, to ensure increased public awareness, vigilance and participation in prevention activities, in order to successfully limit forest fires. Relevant information should also be provided within the school environment.

Through the school community, students can cultivate their skills and apply good practices for the protection of forest areas, so as to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practice.

Bodossaki Foundation, in partnership with National Bank of Greece, supports the work of WWF Greece by funding the creation of animated educational videos on the prevention of forest fires, for use by teachers in primary and secondary education.

WWF Greece

WWF Greece’s mission is to stop the degradation of the natural environment, protect biodiversity, ensure the sustainable use of renewable natural resources and promote the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption. As an organisation, WWF Greece is aligned with the core objectives and values that govern the operation of the global WWF network. It also defines the priorities of its strategy based on the needs to protect nature that exist in Greece.