The Hellenic Petroleum Group, in cooperation with Bodossaki Foundation donated equipment for science labs in schools

Bodossaki Foundation joined forces with Hellenic Petroleum Group for implementing the programme of equipment for science labs in schools. This programme was developed as a Bodossaki Foundation initiative to address the critical shortage, in many public lower secondary schools, of the modern equipment required for laboratory-based teaching of the subjects of physics, chemistry and biology. The donation of Hellenic Petroleum Group made it possible to create science labs in 17 public lower secondary schools in Greece, ensuring that the students’ experience with these sciences will be a positive one. The programme was implemented in collaboration with the Panhellenic Association of Heads of Natural Science Centres (PANEKFE).

Opting to focus on the crucial role of the stimuli that students at this level are exposed to, as the key to the development of a healthy relationship with the natural sciences, the programme aims to:

  • Create equal conditions for education in and access to scientific knowledge.
  • Promote experiential learning.
  • Familiarise students with the natural sciences.
  • Foster scientific thinking.
  • Enrich the learning process by making it more interactive.
  • Support the Greek regions.

Under the programme, existing laboratories were equipped with the scientific equipment needed or, where labs do not exist, the equipment for transforming a classroom into a science lab is provided. The donation consisted in the provision of the following:

  • Projection equipment: whiteboard, video projector, computer.
  • Laboratory equipment for the courses  Physics, Biology and Chemistry.
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