Supporting “STEAMing the Future” programme

The innovative programme “STEAMing the Future” was created for school students from 14 to 18 years old who can participate in it for free, with the aim of promoting equal opportunities for school students’ access to quality STEAM education and of familiarising them with the STEAM subject areas (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics), based on an experiential approach to science and technology.

The Programme’s implementing organisation is Anatolia College, while Bodossaki Foundation is the Programme’s exclusive supporter.

Through the “STEAMing the Future” programme, which uses both online classes and classes attended in person at the Xanthi Tech Lab, the young students have the opportunity to enhance their digital and critical thinking skills and learn about the professions of the future which are related to the STEAM fields.

The Programme comprises three actions:

(a) Development of a multidimensional educational platform with useful educational material and testimony articles written by women scientists for students, parents and teachers.

(b) Online courses expected to be attended by 400 Lower and Upper Secondary school students annually from all over Greece.

(c) In-person attendance of classes in the city of Xanthi (initially, with plans in place for expanding to other cities) by 40 school students annually.

The courses offered include the following: Introduction to Programming, Robotics and Automation, Internet of Things, 3D Design, Application Development, Big Data and Citizen Science.

The first cycle of the Programme’s classes attended in person began in December 2022, while the second cycle will take place in April 2023. The online programmes for students from all over Greece will begin on 28 January 2023. Students will receive a certificate of participation upon completing one full learning cycle.

To apply for participation, interested students can visit the following link:

Anatolia College

Anatolia College is a private Secondary Education school in Pylaia, Thessaloniki. It was founded in 1886 by American missionaries in Merzifon, Asia Minor. In 1924, the school moved to Greece, where it settled in Thessaloniki. Today it has 1,285 students (Lower and Upper Secondary School) from all regions of Greece and from abroad. It is ranked as one of the best educational institutions in Greece due to its history and to the academic performance of its students.