Support of the “UniStem Day 2023” event of the Hellenic Pasteur Institute

130 students from various Upper Secondary schools of Attica participated in the “UniStem Day 2023”, an international event for stem cell research organised by the Institute’s Stem Cells and Cell Reprogramming Technology Unit. The event was organized with support from Bodossaki Foundation. The “UniStem Day” event is exclusively dedicated to the dissemination and promotion of stem cell research and aims to promote science to school students, highlighting its ‘fun’ dimension.

During the event, speeches on stem cells were held by renowned Greek scientists and a live connection session with schools and universities in other European cities that participated in “Unistem Day” was held, while the students visited the Institute’s laboratories and talked with the researchers working there about issues related to science and scientific careers. Finally, the students had the opportunity to watch live an experiment with stem cells and take part in a question game.

Hellenic Pasteur Institute

The Hellenic Pasteur Institute (HPI) operates for the benefit of the public interest and its purposes are to promote research and innovation, as well as to support public health. It was founded in 1919 and is Greece’s very first Biomedical Research Institute.