Support of the programme “In Action for Mental Health”

With the aim of psychosocially empowering our most vulnerable fellow citizens and improving the quality of their life, Bodossaki Foundation supports the “Nosilia” Non-Profit Organisation by contributing to the development of the targeted programme of upgraded mental health care “In Action for Mental Health”.

The program runs for 12 months and is addressed to 100 individuals with mobility impairments and intense mental distress or other negative feelings, who suffer from chronic diseases or were more severely ill with Covid-19. Within the framework of the program, the following mental health services are provided free of charge for the prevention, promotion of the health and well-being of the beneficiaries:

  1. Home psychosocial support for beneficiaries who are residents of central Athens areas.
  2. Remote psychosocial support for beneficiaries who are residents of other areas in Greece.

The programme also supports the members of the patients’ families, with the number of total beneficiaries estimated at 230 people.


“Nosilia”, a Non-Profit Organisation founded in Athens and certified as Non-Profit Social Care Service Provider, had been active since 2001 in the wider Athens area of Athens. Its purpose is to offer primary health care, home care and palliative care services to patients in need, and to also support their family members.