Theatrical play and workshops for schools at ActionAid’s “Epikentro”

ActionAid’s “Epikentro” is a support centre for people facing financial difficulties and social exclusion. It is located in Kolonos district of downtown Athens. Every day, “Epikentro” is visited by children, adolescents and adults who share the same dream: to change their lives for the better, through the programmes, knowledge and skills available at “Epikentro” free of charge.

For the last two years, Bodossaki Foundation has deliberately chosen to support the most vulnerable and, at the same time, the most promising group of people from those embraced by “Epikentro” – the children. By participating in educational activities, theatre play and educational walks, the children discover a new hero every day, come into contact with their dilemmas and, quite often, take a stand against them. Propelled by the power of theatre as art, the children learn to function as a team, to work together, to trust each other and to express themselves. Ultimately, they broaden their own view of themselves and of the others, focusing on understanding, creativity, empathy and the acceptance of diversity.

To this day, thanks to the Foundation’s grant, three theatre workshops and 14 workshops for schools, embraced by 345 children in total, have been completed. From a broader perspective, the wide range of programmes and services provided free of charge at “Epikentro”, has given to 2,800 people – adults, children and their families – the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, the skills and the strength to change their lives for the better.

In their own words

“I feel happy and closer to my classmates. I had a wonderful time! These games made me better understand the children in my class!”

Τestimony of a schoolgirl in the first class of high school, after attending the educational programmes for schools offered at “Epikentro”. 

“I see my son improving at school. His professors have never seen such a development before. His professor said to me: ‘I could not do it just by myself.’ I explained to them that he visits “Epikentro”. They called me specifically in order to congratulate me!”

Testimony of the mother of a child who participates in the educational activities at “Epikentro”.

ActionAid Hellas

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