Support for the ‘Shedia Art’ project

The ‘Shedia Art’ project was designed by DIOGENIS NGO to support and empower people from vulnerable groups who are experiencing extreme poverty, by offering training in how to reuse materials to make useful objects.

The Bodossaki Foundation supports the activity of DIOGENES NGO, with the support of the King Baudouin Foundation on behalf of the EU Staff Fund for a Fair and Sustainable Future.

Under the programme, 180 people facing homelessness, poverty and social exclusion will be trained in twelve recycling workshops which are offered free of charge. The project aims to develop a new, more sustainable model of alternative waste management by empowering homeless people to reuse/recycle unused issues of the street magazine ‘Shedia’ and turn them into useful items (jewellery, lamps, etc.), which are then made available for sale.


DIOGENES NGO is a non-profit NGO, established in early 2010 to support the efforts of homeless and socially excluded people to integrate or reintegrate into society. The principal objective is to motivate, empower, educate and ultimately create employment prospects for people experiencing extreme forms of poverty and social exclusion.