Support for a programme to combat the effects of energy poverty on vulnerable households on Lesvos

The programme ‘Taking the First Step: recording the phenomenon of energy poverty in vulnerable households in the Municipality of Mytilene and taking action to alleviate it’ was designed by the civil non-profit cooperative ‘Iliaktida’ in collaboration with the ‘Iliotropio’ Energy Community of Lesvos, to research and propose practical solutions for combatting the effects of energy poverty in vulnerable households on Lesvos.

The Bodossaki Foundation supports the programme through the Thematic Grants Programme.

The aim of the project is to analyse the particular characteristics of vulnerable households and develop an understanding of all aspects of energy poverty, in order to implement appropriate initiatives to alleviate it.

Energy audits will be carried out in about 104 households living in extreme poverty, and all the data on factors contributing to energy poverty will be recorded and analysed using appropriate methodological tools, in order to assess the gravity of the phenomenon and protect those affected.

Additionally, specially designed initiatives will be implemented, according to the specific characteristics of the affected households, including:

  • Training in how to bring about changes in behaviour and technical advice on energy saving
  • Supporting applications for inclusion in funded energy saving or self-generating programmes for owner-occupied housing
  • Replacing energy consuming lamps and installing thermo-reflective panels
  • Including households among the beneficiaries of the ‘Heliotropio’ Energy Community of Lesvos who will receive free electricity

‘Iliaktida’ AMKE is a civil society actor (civil non-profit company), created to respond to the needs of the local community of Lesvos by combatting social exclusion through employment and personalised counselling of individuals with special needs and vulnerable population groups.