Ithaca Laundry: mobile laundry for the homeless

“Highest hygiene standards lead to dignity and dignity to new opportunities”

This is the fundamental belief of the three founders of Ithaca, a non-profit organisation in Athens which offers mobile laundry to the homeless.

Ithaca was founded in 2015 by three students, Thanos Spiliopoulos, Fanis Tsonas and Andili Rahouti. After watching a similar project in Australia, Thanos, Fanis and Andili decided to create the first mobile laundry for the homeless in Greece and Europe, for which they were awarded the Social Impact Award 2015 and the Social Impact Award Entrepreneurship of the European Investment Bank (Social Innovation Tournament 2016).

By offering a free laundry service to the homeless, Ithaca improves their hygiene standards and their self-esteem and dignity, and creates opportunities for them.

Our donation supports the functioning of the mobile laundry unit, a van equipped with 2 washing machines and 2 tumble dryers. The Laundry operates in different but stable and distinct points in Attica and Piraeus., while municipalities or other partner organizations provide water and electricity.

Already, more than 66,000 kilos of clothes have been cleaned and dried. An approximate number of 2,500 people have directly benefited from the services of Ithaca.  Alongside, since January 2017, Ithaca has created part-time jobs for people from vulnerable social groups. By employing them for a specific time period and providing them with certain skills, such as work, counseling and guidance, Ithaca creates opportunities for their reintegration in both work and social life.

In their own words: 

We would like to help Bodossaki for their support. It is very important for us to have on our side such reliable and credible partners.

Dimitra Kountourioti, Director of Ithaca

Ithaca NGO

Ithaca’s goal is to help homeless people find their Ithaca. The organisation aims at increasing the level of social integration of the homeless population, whose number has increased significantly in the last few years due to the socio-economic crisis. By improving the hygiene conditions of homeless people, their dignity and self-esteem can also be restored.