Donation by Allianz to the Panhellenic Federation of Voluntary Blood Donor Associations

The Allianz financial services company, in collaboration with the Bodossaki Foundation, successfully supported the Panhellenic Federation of Voluntary Blood Donor Associations (P.O.S.E.A.) in meeting the sanitary needs of Voluntary Blood Donors during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Allianz donation made it possible to obtain all the sanitary material (nitrile gloves, antiseptics, face masks, thermometers) needed to create a nationwide safety shield for the Voluntary Blood Donors, members of the Voluntary Blood Donor Associations of P.O.S.E.A., and the staff of collaborating Hospital Blood Donation Services, who contributed to the effort to confront the huge problem arising from the lack of blood in Greece during the COVID-19 crisis.

Thanks to the voluntary blood donation projects which were made possible by the provision of this material, the Associations / Members of P.O.S.E.A were able to secure 17,188 units of blood.

The programme funded by Allianz is a positive example of how agencies, companies and foundations can combine forces and carry out joint projects which have significant social impact during times of major health crises.


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