Bodossaki Foundation Scholarships for the academic year 2023/24: 66 young men and women have been welcomed into a Community of 2,600 Scholars

Since 1972 dreams have started here!

The Bodossaki Foundation is welcoming into its Scholars Community 66 young men and women, who will begin postgraduate studies, doctoral or postdoctoral research in the 2023/24 academic year. Since 1972, the Bodossaki Foundation, in line with its commitment to creating equal opportunities for all, has championed the dreams of more than 2,600 scholars.

Once again this year the preferred choice of scholarships is in the field of Biology and Biomedical Sciences, which include Biomedical Technology, Life Sciences Informatics, Molecular Medicine, Bioinnovation and Targeted Drug Development. Next come the modern applied sciences of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Data Science, followed by Business and Organizational Management. Next are scientific studies with environmental application, such as Materials Science and the Production and Management of Energy Resources, Environmental Sciences and Bioclimatic Design in Architecture.

Of the 66 new scholarships, 44 are in Postgraduate Studies, 18 in Doctoral Research as part of the 51st Regular Scholarships Programme, and there are also four scholarships for Postdoctoral Research, offered through the Postdoctoral Research Scholarship Programme in memory of Stamatis G. Mantzavinos , former President of the Foundation.

At the same time, as the Bodossaki Foundation opens up to the wider society it is now also welcoming private donors who wish to offer young people the opportunity to carry out the studies of their dreams. Thus, three of the scholarships awarded this year for postgraduate studies in the field of Medicine-Biomedicine are ‘Elisavet Fotiou Fotinelli – Ioannis Dimitriou Kritikos Scholarships’. In addition, this year the ‘Scholars Scholarship’ initiative is financing a scholarship for postgraduate studies with donations from Bodossaki Foundation scholars of previous years.

Of the scholars from the 2023/24 academic year, 45 will study in Europe and America, while 21 will pursue their studies in Greek universities, in a variety of scientific fields.

True to its vision of a society of equal opportunity, with possibilities and prospects for all, the Bodossaki Foundation selects its scholars according to a combination of different criteria: academic performance, financial situation and personality. Particular importance is attached to the depth of understanding and passion shown by the candidates for their chosen subject, as expressed both in their work and their application and in the personal interview, which carries great weight.

Ms. Athina Desypri, President of the Board of Directors of the Bodossaki Foundation, says of the Foundation’s work granting scholarships: ‘With the Bodossaki Foundation Scholarship Programme already entering its second half-century, it is with emotion and pride that we see the progress made by members of our Scholars Community. We are delighted to continue to help fulfil the goals of so many remarkable young people who dream their dreams and make their contribution to a better world for all!’