Announcement of the projects to be funded under Bodossaki Foundation’s Thematic Grants Programme

Bodossaki Foundation announces the projects selected as recipients of a grant in 2023 under its Thematic Grants Programme, in line with the Foundation’s commitment to responding, to the best of its abilities, to social needs identified as priority action areas.

Each one of the eight selected projects will receive a grant of up to €50,000, for a total budget of up to €340,000. The projects have a duration of up to 12 months and fall under one of the following thematic areas: Strengthening Vocational Education and Training (VET), Promoting mental health, Addressing energy poverty and/or the impact of the climate crisis on vulnerable groups of the population.

The organisations and projects selected for funding in each thematic area under the Programme are the following:

  1. “Strengthening Vocational Education& Training (VET)”
  1. Association of Thessalian Businesses and Industries ( – “Skills4Jobs”: Training and employment programme for Electricians – Automation Technicians in Thessaly, in collaboration with the Institute for Industrial and Business Education and Training of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (IVEPE-SEV).
  2. Science Communication (SciCo, – “Circular Thinking”: Applying Design Thinking and the Circular Economy in Vocational Education and Training, in collaboration with the Department of Product & Systems Design Engineering of the University of the Aegean.
  3. The Tipping Point (TTP) NGO ( – “Strengthening VET”: Training programme for students and teachers at Vocational Upper Secondary Schools (EPALs), focused on building horizontal skills and linkages with the labour market.
  1. “Promoting mental health”
  1. Panhellenic Association for Psycho-social Rehabilitation & Professional Reintegration ( – Inclusive society for people with mental health problems: Training of mental health professionals, informal carers and mental health service recipients in the Recovery methodology, in collaboration with the “EPIONI” Greek Carers Network and the “ARGO” Federation of mental health and psychosocial rehabilitation.
  2. “NOSILEIA” Association ( – “In Action for Mental Health”: Special upgraded mental health care programme.
  3. Child and Adolescent’s Centre( – Mental Empowerment of children and adolescents in border islands of the North Aegean.

ΙΙΙ. “Addressing energy poverty and/or the impact of the climate crisis on vulnerable groups the population” 

  1. Impact Hub Labs NGO Civil Non-profit Company ( – “SYN-ENERGY”: Programme addressing the challenges of energy poverty using the “SYN-ENERGY” toolkit, in collaboration with the “Electra Energy” Social Cooperative.
  2. Iliaktida” Non-Profit Civil Company( – “Taking the First Step”: Recording the phenomenon of Energy Poverty in vulnerable households of the Municipality of Mytilene and taking action to alleviate it, in collaboration with the “ ‘Iliotropio’ Energy Community of Lesvos” Limited Liability Cooperative.