Announcement of the allocation of €2.200.903 in funding to support Civil Society Organisations

Bodossaki Foundation (Greece), as co-funder and coordinator, in consortium with the NGO Support Centre (Cyprus), is announcing the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) that have been selected for funding under the “BUILD-Building a robust and democratic civic space” project. 

BUILD is co-funded by the European Union through the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) programme, the Bodossaki Foundation and the NGO Support Centre. It aims to protect, promote and raise awareness of EU fundamental rights & values by supporting Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Greece and Cyprus and increasing their capacity and sustainability. Within the framework of the project, two open calls for proposals were announced on 27 April 2023 for the provision of financial support to Civil Society Organisations with the following thematic priorities: “Enhancing awareness & understanding of EU rights and values” (Call 1) and “Protecting and Promoting EU rights and values” (Call 2). 

Following the evaluation of the proposals submitted in response to the open calls, it is announced that 34 projects have been selected for funding in Greece with a total grant amount of €1.844.193 and 7 projects in Cyprus with a total grant amount of €356.710. In total, 134 applications were received in the two countries, underscoring the need to support Civil Society Organisations in promoting the rights and values of the European Union. 

In line with the aim of strengthening and supporting the participation of grassroots organisations, small organisations, and those in remote and rural areas, which resulted in 31 out of the 41 funded projects falling into these categories, a series of 11 workshops were organised during the application period – in 6 cities across Greece and Cyprus and online. The workshops aimed to inform about the project and raise awareness of EU rights and values as well as to enhance the capacities of Civil Society Organisations in proposal writing. Emphasis was also placed on the exchange of best practices, knowledge, and expertise with CSOs in other EU Member States, with 23 of the 41 funded projects including such activities. 

The procedure followed for the selection of funded projects complies with the principles of transparency and equal treatment. 

The projects selected for funding under each call and the grantees are listed below, separated by country and in alphabetical order: 

Funded Projects in Greece:  

1st Call: Enhancing awareness & understanding of EU rights and values 

  • Art CHAIN: Art, Cultural Heritage, Accessibility and INclusion  
    Grantee: ALL – Accessible Limitless Living 
  • AXIES  
    Grantee: AXEPT
    Partner: LabSTEM Robotics
  • Bridges of Inclusion
    Grantee: Reading to the Others
    Partner: Association of Parents, Guardians and Friends of People with Autism of Rethymno 
  • Cognitive Enrichment of European health riGhts for third agE (Ε-geia)
    Grantee: Union of Working Consumers of Greece
    Partner: Institute of Research for Innovation and Development 
  • Equality Map
    Grantee: InterMediaKT – Interactive Media Knowledge Transfer
    Partner: Genderhood
  • EU GAMER: Gaming as a Means to Encourage Responsible Citizenship
    Grantee: DAFNI KEK
    Partner: Game Developer Association of Greece
  • Europe at the Grassroots            
    Grantee: European Initiative for Youth Empowerment, Mindfulness and Wellbeing – GO Alive
    Partner: Non – Profit Organization IASIS
  • Europe for 65+
    Grantee: People Behind
  • Jaf Anglal! Empowering school participation of Roma children
    Grantee: SolidarityNow
    Partner: Roma Educational Maintainable Assistance (REVMANGO)
  • Listen- Watch and Tell a Story about Europe
    Grantee : Narrations, Urban Non-Profit Company “Adrachti”
  • Our Rights in our Language (ORioL)
    Grantee: ELIX – Conservation Volunteers Greece
  • Proud to Be European (Proud)   
    Grantee: Thessaloniki Pride
  • SUPPORT – Spinal cord injUry Peer supPORT training for women Grantee: Association for Research and Education in Clinical Skills
    Partner: Alli Opsi
  • WE ARE WITH U: Workplace Equality AwaREness WITHin Universities  
    Grantee: Women On Top (WoT)
    Partner: Greek Association of Academic Women (ELEGYP) 
  • Young Women Empowerment through Financial Literacy – WE FIN  
    Grantee: Institute of Prevention and Development – IPD              
    Partner: Small Educational Paradises
  • Youth Action for Democracy: Promoting EU Rights and Values in Northern and Central Greece
    Grantee: ActionAid Hellas
    Partner: Hellenic Youth Workers Association
  • Αutism, known…unknown next to me Α or AGAPA  
    Grantee: Avali (Non-profit corporation)
    Partner: Platon School Parents and Guardians Association 

2nd Call: Protecting and promoting EU rights and values 

  • Addressing the social impacts of the climate crisis: building bridges of cooperation and demanding climate and social justice in Greece and the EU (BRIDGES)    
    Grantee: Common Ground Civil Non-Profit Partnership  
  • Coalition for the promotion of the Right to Access to Information in Greece through the improvement of the legal framework  
    Grantee: Vouliwatch
  • Delo – For the rights of sex workers  
    Grantee: Greek Association of People Living with HIV – Positive Voice
  • Fair Access to Social Rights – Access  
    Grantee: Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality and Diversity (G2RED)
    Grantee: Centre for Research on Women’s Issues (CRWI) “Diotima” – Centre for Gender Rights and Equality 
    Grantee: Hellenic Antipoverty Network
    Partner: Hellenic Network for the Right to Shelter and Housing
  • HOmeless not helPlEss (HOPE) – Building bridges to social inclusion  
    Grantee: Ithaca NGO
  • Make it Work: the road towards Work Inclusion  
    Grantee: Special Vocational & Educational Centre “Margarita”
    Partner: Association of Parents Guardians & Friends of People with Autism Larissa Prefecture 
  • Observatory for Violence Against Women in Crete – WOMEN’S WATCH Grantee: Union of Women Associations of Heraklion Prefecture
  • RAISE EU – Rights Awareness and Information Services for Enhancing EU Values
    Grantee: International Rescue Committee (IRC) Hellas
    Partner: A.S.P.I.DA.
  • Rights in Action: protection and promotion of patients’ rights in Greece  
    Grantee: Greek Patients’ Association
    Partner: Cohesion Network 2gether NGO (Co2gether)  
  • ROM+: We are all equal  
    Grantee: Equal Society
    Partner: Association of Greek Roma Mediators
  • SEA: Supervision, Empowerment, Advocacy of Families with Autistic Members  
    Grantee: Child and Adolescent’s Center
    Partner: Association of Parents, Legal Guardians & Friends of Children & Adults in Autism spectrum disorders and Aspergers’ (D.A.D.A.A) 
  • SLAPP Proof: Advocacy for the Freedom of Expression and Information  
    Grantee: Hellenic League for Human Rights
    Partner: The Manifold
  • Strengthening children at risk in defending European rights and values
    Grantee: Initiative for the Child  
  • SustainHER: Promotion of Sustainable Employment for Vulnerable Women at risk of Poverty and Social Exclusion  
    Grantee: Irida Women’s Center
    Partner: Stimmuli for Social Change
    Grantee: Ladies Union of Drama-House of Open Hospitality
    Partner: ALYSOS ALERT   

Funded Projects in Cyprus: 

1st Call: Enhancing awareness & understanding of EU rights and values 

    Grantee: Learning Centre for Youth – LCYOUTH  
  • Rights4YOUth: Empowering Young Changemakers for a Rights-Focused Europe / Rights4YOUth  
    Grantee: PlanBe, Plan it Be it 
  • WE-PODs: Women’s Equality PODcasts  
    Grantee: Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS) 

2nd Call: Protecting and promoting EU rights and values 

  • Dialogue, Consultation, Empowerment – Protecting and Strengthening Civic Space in Cyprus        
    Grantee: Civil Society Advocates 
  • Participatory Tools for Rule of Law in Cyprus
    Grantee: Oxygono
  • RespectWATCH: Developing an Advocacy Strategy and WatchDog Mechanisms to esnure Respectful Maternity Care (RMC) in Cyprus  
    Grantee: Birth Forward 
  • THEREWITH – promoTing rigHts and valuEs foR peoplE With mobilITy cHallenges  Grantee: Cyprus Paraplegics Association (OPAK) 

To find out more about the projects and the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) that will be funded, click here.

Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.