Announcement: Launch CERV-BUILD

Bodossaki Foundation, as co-funder and coordinator, in partnership with the NGO Support Centre (Cyprus), announces the launch of project “Building a robust and democratic civic space” (BUILD), which will support civil society organisations (CSOs) in Greece & Cyprus with €2.9 million.

BUILD is co-funded by the European Union, through the Citizens, Equality, Rights, and Values (CERV*) programme, and by Bodossaki Foundation and NGO Support Centre. The project “Building a robust and democratic civic space” (BUILD) aims to protect, promote and raise awareness of EU fundamental rights & values by supporting civil society organisations (CSOs) in Greece & Cyprus and by increasing their capacity and sustainability.

During the 3 years of its implementation, running from December 2022 to November 2025, BUILD will launch 2 open calls for funding, seeking to support approximately 40 projects in Greece and 10 in Cyprus.

The calls will aim to provide financial support to organisations to implement activities that promote awareness-raising around EU rights & values, civic participation, advocacy, rule of law, support to vulnerable groups and knowledge exchange between CSOs across Europe, among others. The main beneficiaries of the project will be CSOs, however, the project’s activities will also engage policymakers, media, civil servants, teachers, vulnerable groups as well as the general public. The two calls will be announced on 27 April 2023 with a deadline to submit applications on 26 July 2023.

The project will also provide a comprehensive capacity building programme, tailored to the needs of CSOs in Greece and Cyprus, to promote their organisational development and sustainability, with the overall purpose to contribute to building a robust and democratic civic space in Europe. BUILD is coordinated by Bodossaki Foundation (Greece) in partnership with the NGO Support Centre (Cyprus).

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*The Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) programme was launched in 2021 under the Justice, Rights and Values Fund of the European Union, for the period 2021-2027. Read more about the CERV programme.