Announcement Distinguished Young Scientist Awards 2025

In the framework of Bodossaki Foundation’s longstanding support of the creative work of young Greek scientists, and with the aim of rewarding their dedication to the advancement of science as well as promoting outstanding role models for society, Bodossaki Foundation has established the “Distinguished Young Scientist Awards”, open to scholars of Greek descent, under the age of 40.

For the year 2025, the Foundation has decided to award four prizes, which are each accompanied by a financial award of €20,000, in the following academic fields:

1. Basic Sciences: Physics
2. Life Sciences: Biomedical Sciences
3. Applied Sciences / Technologies: Artificial Intelligence / Management of Environment, Natural Resources and Extreme Weather Phenomena / Low Carbon Emission Technologies
4. Social Sciences: Economic or Political Sciences

Interested candidates must submit their application electronically and indicate the person proposing the candidacy (nominator), as well as two equal referees.

The nominator and referees should be scientists in the candidate’s area of expertise who are of the same or a senior level, or the head of a university or research institution.

General Conditions for granting the Scientific Awards:

1. The prizes will be awarded to persons of Greek nationality, parentage, or descent. Eligible candidates are those who can prove that they are Greek citizens or that at least one of their parents is/was a Greek citizen and declare that they speak the Greek language at a sufficient level to communicate their scientific work in Greek.

2. Candidates must hold a doctoral degree (PhD) with demonstrated research work relevant to the scientific field of the Awards.

3. Candidates born on or after 1st January 1985 are eligible to apply. For mothers and persons who declare themselves to be the primary providers of parental care, the age limit is increased by one (1) year for each child with a limit of two (2) years (meaning that candidates with one child are eligible to apply if their date of birth is on or after 1st January 1984, while candidates with more than one child, are eligible to apply if their date of birth is from on or after 1st January 1983).

The submission of applications foresees two stages:

Α. Interested candidates are invited to complete and electronically submit the application here.

Along with the application, the following supporting documents should be submitted:

1. Copy of I.D. card or passport.

2. Full curriculum vitae of the candidate, including among others the following details: full name, father’s name, date of birth, home and work address, telephone number, e-mail address, academic and professional career.

3. Candidates who exceed the regular age limit, and specifically mothers and individuals who, according to their declaration within the application platform, have the role of primary parental care provider, are requested to submit documentation of their parental status, through providing birth certificates of their children or a certificate of family status from the Greek authorities or equivalent certificates from foreign authorities and any other suitable document to demonstrate their eligibility despite exceeding the regular age limit.

Β. After the successful submission of the application by the candidate, the nominator and the two referees will receive an automated email, inviting them to approve the candidacy by submitting the following documents:

1. The nominator submits a letter of nomination indicating the candidate’s scientific field, describing the candidate’s main activities and scientific achievements, and mentioning the candidate’s key publications. The letter of nomination is confidential and there is no specific template.

2. Each of the two referees submits a reference letter evaluating the candidate’s research and its prospects and the candidate’s ethos. The reference letters are confidential.

The deadline for the submission of applications for the Awards is October 15, 2024. This deadline applies to both stages. Applicants are therefore recommended to contact their nominator and both referees well in advance of the deadline. Only complete applications will be considered.

More information on the application process can be found within the application form.

The selection criteria include the candidates’ outstanding contribution to their scientific field and their contribution to the international promotion of Greece through their work and their ethos, based on the submitted information.

During the selection process, the Foundation may request candidates to provide additional information in connection with their candidacy.

The laureates will be expected to present their scientific work in the Greek language in front of the audience of the Awards Ceremony, as well as in the context of interviews with representatives of the press. The Awards Ceremony will be broadcast live through the social media channels of the Foundation and will remain available on the Foundation’s websites.

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For additional information candidates can contact the Bodossaki Foundation, tel. no. Greece: +30.210.722.3244, e-mail: [email protected].