A Legacy Fund is the ideal tool for making a lasting gift to future generations, offering continued support –in perpetuity or for a set number of years– to the causes close to the donor’s heart or the charitable causes supported by Bodossaki Foundation.

Among the Legacy Funds managed by Bodossaki Foundation some are used to fund memorial scholarships while others are funding programmes that support places the legators had strong ties to.


A Legacy Fund, created for donations of over €300,000, is structured as a Named Fund bearing the name of the donor/legator. Legators may arrive to giving for very different reasons, but they all share a common passion for doing good. They often wish to:

  • Bring the different generations of their family together, uniting them around a common cause that expresses the donor’s values.
  • Protect their property and, at the same time, give back to society.
  • Support –after ensuring that their loved ones will be provided for financially–charitable causes such as the wellbeing of the area they live in, their hometown / birthplace, the school where they were educated or the hospital or elderly people’s home that provided accommodated and cared for them or their loved ones.
  • Create a legacy that will put their fortune to good use, when they do not have direct heirs.