The Bodossaki Foundation supports the vision of equal opportunities for all with the launch of the Scholarship Programme in its 52nd year!

The application period has begun for the three types of programme: Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies, Postdoctoral Research, and Visiting Scientists and Researchers

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical Technology and Life Sciences Informatics, Quantum Engineering and Energy Technology, Regenerative Medicine and other cutting-edge scientific disciplines are included along with more than 20 other areas of scientific study in the new Bodossaki Foundation Scholarship Programmes.

Applications start today for the Scholarship Programmes, which seek to address the need for scientific specialisation at three different stages: Postgraduate or Doctoral Studies, Postdoctoral Research and the study of current international research trends through the Visiting Scientist Researcher Programme.

The Foundation’s scholarships are now joined by scholarships funded by individuals who have been inspired by the Foundation’s vision and the dreams of young people and wish to see them become a reality. Thus, up to three of the scholarships that will be awarded this year for postgraduate studies in the field of Medicine/Biomedicine are ‘Elizabeth Fotiou Fotinelli – Ioannis Dimitriou Kritikos Scholarships’.

The 52nd Scholarship Programme for Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies, with the deadline of 15th February 2024, is addressed to graduates or final year students from all Faculties and Departments of the University Sector of the Universities of Applied Sciences. It offers approximately 60 scholarships for studies in Greece and abroad in 17 different scientific fields:

  1. Administration of Enterprises, Institutions and Non-Profit Organizations
  2. Machine Learning & Applications, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics
  3. Data Analysis – Data Science
  4. Digital Technologies
  5. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
  6. Materials Science, Production and Management of Energy Resources
  7. Environmental Sciences
  8. Agriculture
  9. Biology
  10. Targeted Drug Development
  11. Biomedical Technology and Life Sciences Informatics
  12. Regenerative Medicine
  13. Molecular Medicine – Cellular therapies & Bioinformatics
  14. Assessment & Management of Occupational, Environmental & Pharmaceutical Risk
  15. Bioclimatic Design in Architecture
  16. Protection of Monuments
  17. Seismic Technology, Geotechnical Seismic Engineering

The same scientific fields are also included in the Scholarship Programme for Visiting Scientists and Researchers, through which the Bodossaki Foundation supports researchers who are conducting research or are active in Greece in order to study international research trends and scientific methodology by visiting universities or research centres abroad. The Programme is for short-term scholarships of up to six months, covering accommodation and travel expenses. The application period ends on 29 March 2024.

The Postdoctoral Research Scholarship Programme in memory of Stamatis G. Mantzavinos,  which since 2008 has awarded four scholarships for postdoctoral research in Greece or abroad to holders of a doctoral degree, now includes even greater specialisation in scientific fields:

  1. Energy Technology
  2. Environment
  3. Materials – Nanotechnology
  4. Quantum Mechanics – Optoelectronics
  5. Digital Technologies, Data Science, Robotics, Engineering Learning & Applications, Artificial Intelligence
  6. Biotechnology – Rural Development
  7. Immunobiology
  8. Regenerative Medicine
  9. Genetics
  10. Computational Genomics
  11. Carcinogenesis
  12. Neurosciences
  13. Pharmacology

The application period for postdoctoral research will end on 15 March 2024.

“We trust young people and believe in their dreams,” says Athina Dessypri, President of the Bodossaki Foundation. “This is why we have championed them for 52 years, supporting their aspirations and their passion for development. By continuously bringing up to date the range of scientific fields which are included in our programmes, we seek to support the expansion of scientific knowledge and the development of the scientific community.”

The announcements of the Scholarship Programmes for the academic year 2024-2025, are available on the Bodossaki Foundation’s website, together with all of the supporting material.