Benaki Museum presents the articulated original work of Christos Bokoros with the title “1821, the feast”, available from May 19th. The exhibition is co-organised with the Social Works and Culture Association (EKEP) in the framework of the Initiative 1821-2021, with the support of Bodossaki Foundation. The exhibition is organized in four parts:

The Blue-White: its aftermath.

History: its light and its darkness.

The Heroes, illustrious and uknown: their shadow, their blood.

Glory alone:on the top of a long desert table, bearing laurels; below, a lamb standing, staring at us.

The works were specially made on the occasion of the commemoration of the 200 years from the Greek Revolution. They are being presented for the first time to the public. They are painted on fabrics and wood. They constitute an “overflowing of the soul” of the painter, his private tribute to the “common and substantial”. To those “shadows of substance” which define him.

Do these shadows also define us? What does the Hero and his Virtue mean today? What is our measure for measuring our lives? Against what shadows are we measuring ourselves? Painting thrives in silence. It speaks reflected on the unprejudiced gaze of the viewer.

During the exhibition, a series of in situ and web visits and events will be organized; they will be announced soon on the web-sites of the participating organizations.